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Luthier Workshop

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Luthier Workshop

We take care of all kinds of repairs, changes or improvements that your musical instruments may need. We make budgets totally free and without commitment for any type of repair, restoration or tuning in instruments.

Each instrument has different needs, so if you want to receive advice on what your instrument needs, get in touch with us for a free evaluation, which can be done both at your home if it is a very large instrument or in our store in the case of smaller instruments.

We have an ``express workshop line`` in our shop in Colmenar Viejo where most daily tasks are carried out, such as changing strings, placing strings instruments soul, cleaning wind instruments, etc. And for larger jobs we have our warehouse-workshop in the Tetouan Zone (Madrid).

This workshop usually serves the majority of music schools and theaters in the Community of Madrid, as well as multiple public and private entities nationwide.

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We tune up any type of instrument, specializing in pianos. The tuning is a complex process that, carried out regularly by a Technician / Tuner, will allow you to enjoy the maximum performance of the instrument. This technique consists of modifying the tension of the strings, so that they vibrate in the right frequencies, being therefore the resulting music pleasant to the ear.


The set-up of the instruments must be carried out regularly. For example, in the case of the piano, it would be good to do it once a year at least, although ideally every six months if it is used intensively. This work consists in refining and reviewing the machinery, making the necessary adjustments in terms of calibration and general regulation. In this way you can enjoy 100% of the instrument. This is a very precise process that must always be carried out by a professional, since if it is done by an inexperienced person, there is a serious risk of causing irreparable damage or very difficult repair.

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If you want your instrument to ``come alive`` again, we can evaluate the realization of an integral recovery of it. No matter what state it is in, we have the best means and machinery.


Specialized moving of instruments that are difficult to move, such as pianos, organs, pianolas, etc.
We have the appropriate logistics and technical staff to develop this activity in the most professional way.


Workshop users will find two types:
Tools: Calibration, precision, specific to each instrument.
Machinery: Specific for the instrumental mobilization, such as cranes, hydraulic jacks, platforms, etc.

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We have 6 specialists in their sector who work as an interdisciplinary team, with a wide individual experience transmitted from generation to generation, both in formulas and techniques, which translate into quality work and exquisite artisan taste.

LUTHIER: It is the person who is dedicated to the construction of musical instruments of strings -plucked or rubbed- with mast, being extensive to the constructors of key, wind and percussion. In the Renaissance and for a long time it was difficult to distinguish between builders and Luthiers, since the musicians were the ones who made their own instruments. Due to the interpretative demands of the XVI century some craftsmen decided to perfect the instruments, specializing from that moment on instruments of strings. In our workshop we have a luthier with three generations of experience, which gives us the security and professionalism necessary to entrust any task with total confidence.

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ORGAN TUNER: He designs, elaborates, tunes up, restores and repairs organs of different registers (wind musical instruments, composed of pipes, bellows and keyboard).
Our organ tuner has a great experience in organs and harpsichords. He regularly tunes up prestigious organs such as those at the Monastery of El Escorial or the Cathedral of Almudena, among others.

PIANO TUNER: Piano tuning is the act of making adjustments to the tensions of a piano's strings to correctly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is tuned. A good piano tuning requires an evaluation of the interaction between the notes, and must be done by experienced professionals.
Our piano tuner is highly qualified, since his family has been developing this work in a vocational and professional manner for several generations.

Some great pianos tuned by him are those of:
- Häagen Dazs Theater, formerly called Teatro Fígaro.
- Isabel de Farnesio Cultural Center, Aranjuez.
- Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid, for more than 7 years.

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TECHNICIAN: Our team has an experienced person who deals with the mechanics of instruments, especially those of key instruments, such as pianos, accordions, etc.
It is the mechanic who has the necessary knowledge and has all the parts and spare parts for the maintenance and proper functioning of the machinery of each instrument.

EBONY CARPENTER: The joinery is a specialization of the carpentry oriented to the construction of musical instruments in this case. The term comes from a type of wood, ebony, considered precious since antiquity. Our ebony carpenter, precisely, uses and works with noble woods, in the restoration of the instruments obtaining the best results.

VARNISHER: It is the last piece of the complex gear in the creation, restoration and repair of musical instruments. Our varnisher, like the rest, specialized only in its sector, uses varnishes, master formulas and specific techniques, always getting the final finish desired for each instrument.

Calle del Real 12, 28770 Colmenar Viejo (Madrid)

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