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Cultural Association

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Cultural Association

The Cultural Association ``Aula Clave de Sol`` was born in March 2015 to respond to a series of needs that we have detected in our cultural environment; it emerges as an alternative way of acting with these objectives:

a) Cooperating in the development and improvement of the Culture in the Community of Madrid in all its manifestations and aspects, favoring the renewal of traditional means of planning, communicating and organizing cultural programs, as well as the generation of new ideas that activate the cultural creation processes and their dissemination.

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b) Expanding the interrelation, cooperation and exchange of cultural management between users and professionals, in its different ascriptions: cultural, socio-cultural and training, as well as favoring concurrency in analytical and research tasks on cultural policies.

c) Enriching the current perspective of cultural proposals in line with the European and international level, based on diverse actions such as the development of work modules on comparative issues.

d) Adopting the necessary measures to improve and update the theoretical and practical training of cultural professionals in the Community of Madrid, promoting the interrelation among professionals from the rest of the state. Establishing contact with similar entities in Spain and other countries.

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e) Promoting and supporting activities and initiatives that benefit the Culture and its democratic development, dissemination and enjoyment in the Community of Madrid. Especially promoting the best formulas to support the creators of Madrid.

f) Revaluating the work of professionals in the field of culture, favoring initiatives aimed at promoting the professional management of culture in the Community of Madrid, raising their social prestige and full and organic integration within companies and institutions.

g) Supporting the work and common interests of cultural professionals in the Community of Madrid, stimulating solidarity and mutual collaboration among them through aid and cooperation mechanism.

h) Favoring the interrelation between all the associates and to establish and maintain channels of permanent communication.

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i) Encouraging the involvement of our associates in the social problems of our time.

Some of the activities that we carry out in the association are directed in this line:

a) Informing the partners of the different incidents that may occur in the cultural field of Madrid.

b) Carrying out activities aimed at the formation of associates.

c) Publishing and editing as many materials as deemed appropriate for the dissemination of their purposes and activities.

d) Disseminating the proper purposes and activities in all media and forums where possible for the greater dissemination of the objectives of the Association.

e) Reaching agreements with institutions and entities for the same purposes.

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